Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saint Obama

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I've been putting color to many earlier black and white works. 
One of them is this satirical political portrait of President Barack Obama.
Entitled "SAINT OBAMA", it pictures our current President, a unique individual who apparently never does anything wrong, is smarter than most of us poor yokels, and even though he seems to be surrounded by incompetence, anything that ever goes wrong is never his responsibility. Don't ever criticize him or his policies, or you may be labeled as a racist in the next wave of administration propaganda. 

Our glorious leader floats high above the mediocre populace and as his wondrous head breaks through the top of the clouds, his rapidly tarnishing halo magically appears and a chorus of angels begin to sing, held aloft by baling wire and duct tape. So bow down and shut up, and realize he knows better than you what you need. One day you may understand, but probably not. We're just not as smart as him, and we never will be, but it's okay, he's resigned himself to that fact. Now get in step!

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