Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CLASSIC COMICS REIMAGINED - Crazy Comic Book Revisions - Part 3


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It says "Part 3" up there, but I have a lot of these.

I love classic comics and when I see something that strikes me the right way, I re-imagine it with different words, or perhaps different art. It is just a way I like to amuse myself, 
and if it amuses you too, then even better!

I utilized the original artwork and rewrote the dialogue and recolored the panels.

I have done a lot of these, but this is just the 3rd one I have posted here.
It is a panel from a Golden Age comic book by Harvey called RACE FOR THE MOON #3
Well, technically it's a Silver Age comic, published in 1958. The story is entitled "THE LONG LONG YEARS" and it features artwork by the dream team of Jack Kirby and Al Williamson
The story may have been written by Kirby too.

Here are the actual panels as they appeared originally in 1958.
"THE LONG LONG YEARS" by Jack Kirby and Al Williamson

If you love classic comics and want to see the actual entire story, then click here and visit the best Golden Age comics blog on the internet, PAPPY'S GOLDEN AGE BLOGZINE. Nobody shares their comics collection like Pappy! He has lots of comics and scans to enjoy!

If you like the humorous re-imagining of classic comics (and even if you don't) 
I will be posting more of these Crazy Comic Book Revisions here in days to come, 
because I find them amusing and fun to create!

If you haven't seen them, click these links for 

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