Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello again!

I'm back with another NELSON'S NEIGHBORHOOD daily strip. Sorry it took so long between posts, but it's hard to type when you are wearing one of these straight-jacket thingies.

This is strip # 4 in the daily sequence, and you may or may not notice a slight difference in one or two characters. That is because after I began the strip, I revamped the character's design(s) a little bit. The first three strips are all revised, and this one is my original (I can't locate the revised strip # 4), and the biggest difference is the character of Mr. Nelson (it's been so long since I worked on these, I can't even recall Mr. Nelson's first name at the moment). In the revised versions, you'll notice his hair is simpler, more curvey and less jagged, and his face shape is also more rounded (yet still a rectangle, basically). It is also the first appearance of young Timmy Nelson, their son.


  1. Sooo. that's where you drew this strip... under the porch~!

    You need to write and draw more. This stuff is super-cali-fraggle-rockishly-delump-diddiley-scruptious~!

  2. ha ha! everyone expects winos under the porch! no big deal

  3. Ha!

    Thank you, my fellow super-geniuses!

    If you ever watch the Home and Garden channel as my wife slavishly does, you'll find the latest home buying trend is no longer looking for stainless steel appliances, nor is it looking for hardwood floors, nor granite counter tops. No, nowadays most home buyers are basing their decisions on whether the wino living under the porch prefers drinking Chateau Valandraud Saint-Emilion 1995, or Boone's Farm Strawberry Ripple 2010.