Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hello to my three paid followers!

Welcome to my spankin' new bloog where I plan to feature some of the most awesome art you've ever seen!

Until then, I will be posting my own art, instead!

I have been kinda busy lately, what with all my stalking, the washing off of the blood, and posting bail, and what-not, so I'll be brief...

I have several art projects I am working on, and one of them is artwork for my soon to be self-published comic books. Since I was blessed with a warped sense of humor, many of these projects deal with humorous topics. This image, obviously, is for a very serious comic book cover however.

Just kidding.

This is an element for the cover of a humor comic to be named later. There are more things that will be going on in the cover, but I like to focus on one element at a time. The image below is the heart of the proposed cover.

Quite often I work from live models, like the great Alex Raymond and others. In this case, I used my neighbor Fred and his son, Tommy as my models. I suppose I could have just photographed them and worked from the photo, but I like to work like the old, Italian masters used to.

On a sad side note, my neighbor Fred is still in the hospital. Hope you feel better soon, Fred.

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  1. I kicked to enlargggggge and now my gggggg key is stickingggggg

  2. My 3 favorite flavors, pistachio, butter pecan, and maple walnut~ all with NUTS~!

  3. KW,
    Sorry 'bout yer gggggggg, but whenever a pair of testikrulls are involved, things tend to get sticky. Did you try a tissue?

    I swear you should be writing comedy! Ha! You is a funny poy-sen!! Ha! ...ow....great....I popped my I'm bleeding out all over my art table....which is actually a sink in the men's room at the Holiday Inn....great....I'll just stuff the wound with TP....ahh...ouch...kinda stings a bit...nnnngghhh...getting woozy....think I'll...lay...down..for...a.....wh...ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg