Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This was my first serious attempt at a syndicated comic strip, done many years ago. I'm talking late1980's.
That's before personal computers, kids!
Everything was done old school, hand drawn, hand lettered, zip-a-tone hand applied. If I were to redo it today, all of those things would be done easier, faster and much neater looking with the aid of our little friend, the computer.

This was a family friendly strip designed to run in syndication in your local newspaper. Unfortunately, at the time, there were no syndicates wise enough to take a chance on it, so it ended up gathering dust in my stack of dusty art.  I big on not wasting anything, so this will eventually get re-tooled and updated in some form.

One of the fun things about creating a strip like this is thinking up and designing characters. I went through a couple of different stages of developement, and a little trial and error, until I found character designs that seemed both easy to draw on a daily basis and hopefully visually appealing. The premise for the strip is this: a young married couple with one child, a son, move into a new home in a new neighborhood in order for the husband to begin his new career at a fancy advertising agency. From day one, all is not what they had expected to find. Wackiness ensues. The strip starts out slow and builds, at least that was my intention.

One of my many inspirations as a cartoonist was Walt Kelly's POGO, because he manged to create intricate ongoing storylines while still delivering daily strips that were hilarious. I'm not saying I achieved that, but that was and is my goal in every comic strip I have ever done. As each successive strip airs, it is linked to, though not dependant on, the previous one.


  1. Hey~! This looks like the yard my Trailer sits in~! Man, Apoco-Wurl~! This strip is way more graphically mature than any of my 80's work~!

    Do you still have nightmares about H.R. PuffinStuff like I do ? I thought you were younger than I for some reason. Now I wanna cut you open and count the rings~!

    How many Nelsons dija bust out back then ?

  2. You hand lettered that, right? It almost looks like a font but some of the letters change around. if it's hand lettered it's excellent.

  3. duh. i just read the text. ha ha! nevermind. great work!

  4. Lysdexicuss,
    Thanks. Ha! Count the rings! Let's just say I'm old enough to have missed the boat the first time, and young enough to jump aboard when it passes by again this second time...When ya submit a strip to syndicates, ya usually hafta do a months worth (no Sundays tho), so I have 24 o'these beauties.

    And, yes indeed, H.R. Puff'n'stuff was one freaky mutha...I was too young to be puffin' stuff, otherwise I might've gotten into it more.

    That's cool...I always check out the visuals before I read, too. Hand-lettered, yes, and my first try...can't remember what the pen tips were called exactly, I had whole bunches of different sizes, but it didn't matter much...I splattered ink with all of 'em! Let's just say I really like computerized lettering a lot more than correcting my mistakes.

    Thanks a lot for the compliment.

  5. Year of the dog ? 1970 ? Mickey Rourke played you in the film version ?

    yeah; i've submitted a month's worth on a couple occasions... I think i've got 50 or so Hatman & Hopi daily strips; just those four Sundays...